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Did you forget the 2020 Census?

As you know, the census is critical to, among other functions, government funding for our town. Please read this and take appropriate action. Let us get to 100%!! See below... we have a way to go.

We received this from:

Rebecca A. Brodeur

Partnership Specialist

New York Regional Census Center

U.S. Census Bureau

I've been tracking the self-response rates for each town to see where we can offer additional Census support. It looks like Taghkanic is a little low on self-response right now. However, it's entirely possible you have second homes, or community members who prefer to respond to the paper form. We know every town is different. I have added a table below for reference. The data is from 4/13/2020.

If you have many second home owners, they should be aware that they need to respond to the Census for each housing unit. One with people (the home where they live and sleep most of the time) and then they respond for the second home with zero persons. 

Also, people can respond online at

If someone does not have a Census ID, they can opt to add their address. People can also respond over the phone (numbers attached). The paper questionnaires are starting to arrive at peoples homes, so this is a good time to provide the community a reminder. In speaking to people in our county, I know many were waiting for the paper forms to respond.

Please respond to the 2020 Census, we would love to see our response rate closer to 100%. This information is important to determine congressional representation, inform hundreds of billions in federal funding every year, and provide data that will impact our town for the next decade. Feel free to comment if you are having any questions or contact the tgazette at:

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