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Energy Forum 2/28 List of Presenters, Contractors and Agencies

Hopefully you've RSVP'd for next Wednesday's event at the Firehouse from 5:30-7:30.

We'll have pizza and refreshments, door prizes, and a large group of folks available to give you information on the programs and technologies available to save you money and contribute towards climate resilience and mitigation efforts.

The following contractors/installers will be tabling - ready to talk to you about what energy solutions would work best for you:

DS Electric- Air source heat pumps.

Kingston HWS - Air source heat pumps.

Superior Co-op HVAC - Air source heat pumps.

The Radiant Store - EmPower+ Air source heat pumps.

Rycor HVAC - EmPower+ Air source heat pumps.

Geothermal Group - Ground source heat pumps.

Dana Grover, from the NYS Clean Heat Program, who works on the application side of the program with these contractors, can help navigate rebates and incentives.

Paul Stathis, NYSERDA Field Ambassador and Heat Pump expert, will give an overview of what heat pumps are all about. Allie Naganuma, Partnerships Manager with Solstice, will help you sign up for Community Solar on the spot if you bring your electric bill. When finances are a concern, the folks from Columbia Opportunities can help with HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) and weatherization information. And finally, Christina Bohnsack, Community Energy Project Manager for the Clean Energy Hub, and Fiona Hynes, Energy Advisor with Cornell Cooperative Extension will be on hand to help you tie it all together.

Come and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and access to resources these folks have to offer you.

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