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A New Service for Those of Us Who Are 60+ Years Old!

Do you know someone who might use this service?

Aging Life Services Program in Columbia County is a new program for residents of Columbia County 60+ to facilitate access to and use of services that will help them feel more safe and confident living at home.

As folks age, they may find it more challenging to do things they use to do. They may need direct help to do something or afford something. They may need help adapting what they do and how they do it in a way that better fits their current situation. Figuring out whether there is help and how to access it can be very complicated. Amy, the Elder Care Manager at Catholic Charities works directly with the client to figure out what may be needed, connect them to resources, and follow progress through a care plan. Amy is a social worker who can also counsel around life challenges and transitions like grief, serious illness, and loss of independence.

This is a free service with no financial qualification and no set time limit or frequency.

This program is part of Catholic Charities Senior & Caregiver Support Services and they have an office in Hudson.

Clients may refer themselves. Caregivers, clergy, primary care providers, social and senior service professionals may make referrals when they observe a community member struggling. The aim is to improve client satisfaction with daily life and feeling more safe and confident living at home.

Call 518-275-8700 or by email at .

Source: The Columbia County Office for the Aging’s January-March 2020 Elder Express

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