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Candidate for Town Board: Elizabeth Craig

Elizabeth Craig is a successful business builder with more than 30 years’ experience

starting and running fashion design companies in the Berkshires and New York.

Her family includes farmers still living and working the same land in Massachusetts

for over 200 years. Elizabeth and her husband settled in Taghkanic after their

two children were grown.

In addition to her business background, she also found time to volunteer at her

kids’ schools, pitch in at her local library, lead a children’s chorus, teach English

as a second language, and serve in the lay leadership of her church. Elizabeth

has earned a reputation as a team-builder, problem-solver, and strategic thinker.

Her husband Doug says her superpower is being a connector – listening to people,

recognizing common ground, and making the connections that create community.

With superpowers like that, Elizabeth would be a great addition to the Taghkanic

Town Board, and would work to promote cooperation, teamwork, and solutions

that work for everyone.

Mark your Calendars: Election Day is November 5, 2019.

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