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Community Clean Up Day at Town Garage May 13th

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 13th. From 8am to 2pm, you can drop large trash items off at the town garage (Hwy 27 and Pumpkin Hollow Road). Get your barn, garage, shed and closets cleaned out for Mothers Day! Bring your items to the town garage and our great highway crew - Rob, Ronald, Jonathan, Michael, Joshua and Frederick, will help you get it into dumpsters. Now's your chance to unload old furniture, appliances, broken tools, junk, all that stuff that accumulates over the years. AND possibly get Mother's Day bonus points at home!

Refrigerators must have doors removed. Air conditioners must have freon removed.

Please no tires, mattresses or hazardous materials.

DID YOU KNOW? The Highway Dept can accept metal for recycling throughout the year. Please e-mail Highway Superintendent Rob Burns ( to arrange a time to drop off your recyclable metal waste at the town garage. Items for metal recycling must be 75% metal.


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