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From 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps

by Nancy Rutter, Contributor and member of the Taghkanic Broadband Committee

The much anticipated GTel appointment arrived with two bucket trucks and a pickup and four men who explained they were the installers that would be connecting the ONT box on the outside of the house that connects the fiber network to the interior. They came in and set up the Smart TV, the WiFI modem and asked what else would be connected. They allowed me to set my WIFI name and password.

The outside team were dropping the lines to the house and and then to the ONT box. They utilized the access that had been used by the former satellite internet provider. Inside, the modem lights were blinking and a call was placed to GTel to connect to the GTel Hut. The reboot took about ten minutes, the lights were green and I was connected to the wonders of Broadband Fiber.

At every step, GTel teams are friendly, knowledgeable, and proud to work for this family-owned company. It was stressed that every question was important.

I am stunned by the speed at my fingertips to stream and, most importantly, to access all the programs and applications that previously always started with that buffering spinning wheel.

The Broadband Committee urges all residents to visit Gtel and register an Expression of Interest for Internet service. You can follow the links to find out the status of your area. Or you can telephone Customer Service at 518-537-4835 to speak personally to a Representative about your situation. There is no obligation to sign up if you later change your mind.

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