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GTEL Installs More Taghkanic Homes

There are now 21 residents in Taghkanic hooked up to GTel. In the past three months, GTel has run 30 miles of fiber, with ten more expected in Taghkanic by the end of November. The company still expects to complete the Phase 2 infrastructure by the end of this year.

Phase 3 infrastructures will be finished by the middle of next year. Phase 3 areas include the northeast parts of Taghkanic and the Taconic Hills Schools. Underground work will have to stop in about a month but overhead cabling can continue through the winter.

The Broadband Committee is encouraged by GTel’s progress and the additional subscribers to Mid-Hudson Cable and Consolidated. We look forward to the day when all residents in Taghkanic will eventually have access to high-speed internet.

Installation Details:

  1. Splicing is finished on Reesa and Brothers Roads with nine new subscribers expected to be installed soon.

  2. Two new subscribers have been connected on Sopak and Sugar Mountain Roads with nine nearby customers expressing interest.

  3. Cabling is complete from East Gallatin Hut down Route 82 to the Taconic Parkway.

  4. A junction cabinet has been added on Pumpkin Hollow Road.

  5. Strand (supporting wire) has been hung on Taghkanic Churchtown Road as far as Reservoir Road. Fiber cable will be added to this strand and connected to the Pumpkin Hollow cabinet.

  6. All three borings under the Taconic State Parkway have been completed and two of them now have fiber cables running through them.

  7. The Post Hill Road boring under the Taconic Parkway will receive cable once approvals from Verizon and National Grid have been approved. The boring contains a four-inch conduit with four individual sections. GTel will use one, with the others available for future expansion or use by other utility companies.

  8. There are now two junction boxes in Taghkanic to service our residents.

  9. Fiber now runs down Route 82 from the TSP to County Route 8. Fiber has been placed on County Route 15 from Route 82 to Lake Taghkanic Road.

  10. Fiber has been run through the New Forges to Route 27.

  11. GTel continues to work with residents on Snydertown Road.

  12. The licenses for the Berkshire Road area are now in place and construction can begin but some of that work will be part of Phase 3.

  13. Installing fiber down Livingston/Church Road has been problematic due to difficulties working with Mid-Hudson Cable in Livingston.

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