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Help Support the Fire Company Fundraiser for Special Olympics!

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Eight brave members of our Taghkanic Fire Company, along with over 50 members from Departments from surrounding communities, participated in a wild night of tubing at Catamount Ski to raise funds for the Special Olympics last Friday.

With a night time temperature of 25 degrees and wind chills in the teens, these dedicated souls, wearing nothing more than swimsuits and the occasional feather boa or grass skirt, descended the snowy slopes at Catamount to help raise awareness of and funds for the Special Olympics.

Cheered on by dozens of spectators, and filmed by Jeff Galm of the Milan Fire Dept, this event has been edited into an entertaining video that ends with an opportunity to donate to this worthy cause - click HERE to check it out the video and donate, or click HERE to go directly to the donation page.

Thanks to the members of Taghkanic Fire Company for helping make the world a better place for everyone!

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