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No-Cost Home Weatherization for Income-Eligible Households

With winter in the rear view mirror, you may not be thinking about those high heating bills from January and February and how the cold winter wind seemed to come right through your windows and floors. New York state has a number of programs designed to assist income-eligible homeowners and renters by reducing heating and cooling costs through energy-conservation measures, while also addressing health and safety issues in their homes. In Columbia County, these services are provided by Columbia Opportunities, at no cost, to households who meet the following income guidelines:

Columbia Opportunities will arrange a home energy audit and work with you to develop a weatherization plan. A weatherization crew will then be scheduled to come to your home to do the work. (Columbia Opportunities have their own installation crews, so there is no need for the homeowner to look for a contractor.) The audit, materials, and installation are provided at no cost. The range of services includes:

  • Home energy assessment to identify areas of possible energy improvements

  • Attic and wall insulation

  • Tips on how to save energy

  • Installation of high-efficiency lighting

  • Replacement of old, inefficient refrigerators and freezers with new Energy Star models

  • Water-saving showerheads

  • Window and/or outside door repair or replacement

  • Minor repairs which are needed to ensure maximum efficiency of the weatherization services performed

Weatherization crews receive more calls in the winter - when homeowners are experiencing cold temperatures and high heating bills - resulting in long wait times. In the summer months, however, wait times are much shorter, meaning you can make the upgrades and begin experiencing savings with little delay. The time is right to act. See if you qualify by contacting Columbia Opportunities, and start saving $$$ before the next high energy bill arrives.

Columbia Opportunities

540 Columbia Street,

Hudson, NY 12534

phone: 518-672-7268

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