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Our Town Needs a New Website! Looking for Volunteers to Help Make it Happen!

The bad news: our Town of Taghkanic website is out-of-date.

The good news? You can help with the solution! 😊

That’s right, if you know something about digital communications, and are interested in helping the Town of Taghkanic have an effective and up-to-date website, your town needs you!

Members of the Town Board have been discussing how to bring our Town Website securely into the 21stcentury, making it easier for town officials to offer more timely posts and more information, and to give easier access to this information, both to residents of Taghkanic and to visitors who want to know more about our town.

An Advisory Committee to address this need and find solutions that work for Taghkanic has been proposed to the Town Board, and the Board has authorized the formation of a

Digital Communications Advisory Committee.

Next step? Volunteers needed!

Membership in the Digital Communications Advisory Committee (the DCAC) should be at least three and no more than seven members, plus a non-voting Chair. Membership will be approved by the Town Board.

The Town Board will appoint a Board Member to serve as temporary Chair of the DCAC, to call the first meeting. Committee members will vote to elect their permanent Chair who will serve as the administrator for the committee. The Chair can be a Town Board Member, but this is not a requirement.

The DCAC will be charged with these three tasks:

1. Writing an RFP (a “Request For Proposal”) looking for a website developer. This will be given to the Town Board for its approval, then published for public response. The DCAC will also research and reach out to potential developers by getting in touch directly with those that look like a good fit.

2. Developing design and content criteria for the new website, researching and evaluating potential strategies for developing information categories and posting and usage criteria and protocols. After the DCAC writes and approves a Website Design Recommendation, that proposal will go to the Town Board for its review and approval.

3. Managing and facilitating the development of the new website, by working as the direct contact for the website developer, reporting to the Town Board, and giving feedback as needed.

Sound like a plan? Is this a good fit for your skill set?

If the answer is yes please email Town Board member Joyce Thompson:

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