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Property Deed SCAM

Recently a Taghkanic resident received some disturbing mail - a notice that his property had been transferred to another party. The letter went on to offer copies of the transfer documents and more for a fee. This alarmed resident contacted Taghkanic Town Clerk Cheryl Rogers who was able to determine that the notice was fraudulent.

There are reports of property deed scams happening Statewide. Misleading solicitation has been sent to consumers offering to sell them copies of the deed to their home and a property assessment profile. The solicitation, which contains public information about the property, instructs the homeowner to include a payment to obtain these records.

These requests are not related to the Clerk's office or any other government dept. The "property assessment" profile they are trying to sell includes information that can be readily obtained without cost from the Columbia County Clerk.

Taghkanic residents can contact the Columbia County Real Property Tax Service Agency at 518-828-7334 to confirm property ownership and more. If you need a copy of your deed, please contact the Columbia County Clerk's office at 518-828-3339.

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