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Taghkanic is better in 2019, because of these 3 things

Recently we asked Town Supervisor, Ryan Skoda what he viewed as the 3 most significant accomplishments for our town in 2019. His list is impressive:

1. Closure of the spill at the Town Garage building. We reported in June... After many years of waiting for the demolition of the former Town garage building, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has confirmed that the contamination levels at the site are finally low enough to close the spill. This means that the Town can move ahead with their plans to demolish the old garage building, initiate a soil management plan, install a swale to divert rain water, and build a retention pond.

2. Broadband connectivity for residents of Taghkanic is becoming a reality. Our most recent Broadband Committee update can be found here:

3. Taxes have remained flat this year in Taghkanic. Thanks to revenues being higher than expected and expenses being lower than budgeted, town taxes will remain the same next year. Great news for all taxpayers!

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