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Taghkanic's Conservation Advisory Committee recap

The June meeting of the Taghkanic CAC took place June 30th at the Rheinstrom Hill Audubon Sanctuary and Forest Management Center. The walk was led by the research steward David Decker. There were 14 participants from Taghkanic.

Mr. Decker showed 3 areas that were part of a research area devoted to types of clear cutting and excluding deer or not excluding deer from specific areas. The resultant forest growths were fascinating from the point of view of carbon sequestration and wildlife. Hot weather and an imminent storm did not deter the groups enthusiasm.

Over the summer, the CAC is organizing with the Town Board to use a Task Force to evaluate the potential of Clean Energy or Climate Change programs for the Town.

The next walk will be September 29th at Wally Farm in Taghkanic, an innovative "modern" farm. An invitation will be sent via T-Gazette in early Sept.

Contributed by Larry Kadish

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I greatly appreciated the opportunity to walk with David Decker and the other Taghkanic residents in the Rheinstrom Hill Audubon Center. I can honestly say that the experience has forever changed the way I "see" a forest. Decker's enthusiasm and passion for relating information were invaluable. Thank you Larry and Tony for making this happen.

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