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Taghkanic's DCO reminds you to license your dog

Happy New Year everyone!

A New Year means getting used to writing “2021”, hanging up a new calendar, and writing down all the important dates on the calendar including when to relicense your dog!

Did you know that New York State requires that you license your dog within the town of Taghkanic once your dog reaches the age of four months? This license is good for one year and could make a difference in being reunited with your pet if it were to run away. All you need is the completed license application, proof of an up to date rabies vaccination (unless otherwise stated by your veterinarian), and $10(for spayed/neutered dogs) or $18(for unspayed/unneutered dogs)!

Upon submission the owner will be provided with a numbered license tag for the dog that MUST be affixed to the dog’s collar which must remain on the dog at all times.

Contact the office of the Town Clerk at (518)851-7161 or

Mon.-Fri. 9am-4pm for the license application.

P.S. Microchipping is another fast and easy way to vastly increase the chances of your pet being reunited with you if it were to run away. Contact your local veterinarian or the Columbia-Greene Humane Society for more information.

Sincerely your local Dog Control Officer,

Kyle Miller

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