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The Taghkanic Fridge - Battling Food Insecurity, One Shopping Trip at a Time

Updated: Apr 1

By Ron BelBruno

The Taghkanic Free Fridge, located in the Town Hall Parking lot on Route 82, supplies area residents battling food insecurity with grocery staples and household goods, free of charge.

A team of more than a dozen volunteers stocks the refrigerator and pantry several days a week. Regular items include milk, eggs, butter, cheese, fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, bread, bagels and yogurt. The project is funded by grants from local charities, individual donations of money and food items, as well as donations from local farmers and merchants. The Columbia County Recovery Kitchen donates prepared meals four days a week.

"The response to this service has been overwhelmingly positive" says Betsy Albert, who manages the fridge and sits on the Taghkanic Town Board. She and her fellow volunteer shoppers are "grateful to be able to help fellow citizens in tough circumstances."

The Fridge and pantry welcome your donations. Some helpful hints for those interested in supplying the fridge and/or pantry.

  • Please donate food that is well within its expiration date - at least a week. Not only is this required for health and insurance reasons, it's also a courtesy to our patrons.

  • Since we don't have a freezer, please do not bring meats, poultry, fish or any other item that requires freezing.

  • Items in constant demand include condiments, cooking and baking ingredients, as well as household soaps, period products and pet food.

Anyone interested in volunteering for a once a month shopping slot can contact Betsy at (917)834-2146 or

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