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Town of Taghkanic Public Notice

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Friends and Neighbors in Taghkanic,

This is a call for residents of the Town of Taghkanic who would be interested in serving on a Task Force of 5 members to study the impact on our town of short-term rentals (for instance Airbnb and similar online platforms). The ongoing and future presence of these rentals will be evaluated with regard to property values, tax revenues, use of services such as our Fire Protection companies and First Responders, income opportunities for property owners, and general quality of life in the Town of Taghkanic.  

This matter has been an ongoing subject of discussion at meetings of the Zoning Commission, and the Commission has determined that the matter is complicated enough that it deserves its own study as a separate issue from other zoning concerns.

Therefore, the Commission has requested that the Town Board appoint a separate committee as a Task Force to study the matter in depth and report back to the Zoning Commission with recommendations for future oversight and regulation of short-term rentals in the Town of Taghkanic. In the event that the Zoning Commission completes its work and the new Zoning Code is accepted by the Town Board before the Task Force recommendations are submitted, these recommendations would then be presented directly to the Town Board for development of a Local Law as an amendment to the new Zoning Code.

The Town Board would especially like to have membership on this committee represent a variety of perspectives, and we are eager to begin this process. I have agreed to assemble the committee, and I welcome all interested applicants. If you wish to participate, please email Town Clerk, Cheryl Rogers, by end of business on May 6, 2020.


Elizabeth Craig

Member, Taghkanic Town Board


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