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A Step Forward in the Highway Facility Project

Remember the Town plan to create a berm for landscaping along Pumpkin Hollow Road?

Its purpose is to shield the Salt Shed and much of the Town Highway Garage from public view. The County had agreed that it would straighten the intersection of Pumpkin Hollow and County Route 27 and gifted the recovered land to the Town for expansion of Highway Facility grounds.

Well, this year the County allowed the Town to do the work of changing the intersection as part of its 2019 Town Highway Plan. After resolving issues like the location of the telephone pole, the Town straightened the intersection and paved 1.5 miles of Pumpkin Hollow Road. We are now set to make the berm and plant trees in Spring 2020.

Does this also mean that we can take down the old building? Not yet. The Town is waiting for DEC approval of a soil management plan and official closure of the spill behind the old building. Upon official closure the Town will implement both the plan and the long-awaited demolition of the old building! With patience the project will be completed!

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