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Agenda & Zoom info for Short-Term Rental Committee Meeting on Wednesday 1.26.22

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The STR Committee will meet Wednesday, by Zoom, at 7:00 pm.

Zoom information and link:


Discussion of possible amendments to draft suggested by STR owners in Taghkanic; see link to complete document below.

Taghkanic STR Regulations-Owners' Proposed Revisions 1.12.22
Download PDF • 169KB

Discussion of proposal by two committee members, to change "Principal Residence" to "Primary Residence", with new definition for this term, as follows:

Primary Residence:

The dwelling in which a homeowner resides for the majority of the year from which annual income taxes are filed and the drivers license or voter registration is recorded.

Discussion of whether any of these, or any other amendments to existing draft, may be easily agreed upon without requiring an extensive re-write;

or whether the Committee should instead take the course of action proposed at last meeting, to submit draft as is to Town Board, with comments from STR owners and committee members as an addendum to bring up to date without re-writing draft.

Committee chair will entertain motions to put any of the above to a vote.

Link to complete agenda below.

AGENDA & Zoom link -STR Committee Meeting 012622
Download DOCX • 19KB


Will be reserved for the last 30 minutes, and limited to 2-3 minutes per person, depending on number who attend.

PLEASE STAY TUNED for information about meetings on February 9th and 23rd, also by Zoom.

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