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FRAUD ALERT: Protect Your Durable Medical Equipment Benefits!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Source: The Columbia County Office for the Aging ELDER EXPRESS July-September 2019 Edition

“An Example of Fraud:

Mr. Baker receives a call from a woman who states she works for Medicare, and asks Mr. Baker if he has any pain. Mr. Baker responds that sometimes his back gets sore. The woman then informs Mr. Baker that he can receive a free back brace because Medicare will pay for it! Mr. Baker receives the back brace but it doesn’t fit so he never uses it. A year later, Mr. Baker strains his back and his doctor writes a prescription for a back brace. Mr. Baker finds out that Medicare will not cover the cost of the brace because they have already paid for a back brace for him. Mr. Baker lost his benefit.

Don’t let a sales person talk you into something you do not need! Only your doctor can diagnose or assess your healthcare needs and prescribe the correct durable medical equipment for you.”

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