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Make Your Home Safer Now!

TIPS* for preventing a life-changing fall

As we age, our balance, strength and eyesight lessen. Falls are the #2 reason people over 70 are hospitalized! We can make minor changes in our homes to lower the possibility of a fall that will limit how and what we can do - sometimes permanently.

At doors and in rooms:

  1. Install lever handles - they are much easier to manage

  2. Install rocker-type light switches - same reason

  3. Install pullout or pull-down shelving in cabinets

  4. Install light activated night lights

  5. Install task lighting toward specific surfaces or areas

  6. Remove throw rugs

  7. Cover electrical cords with small portable ramps

Grab bars for showers and toilets

In the bathroom:

  1. Grab Bars are Great! Install grab bars for getting in/out of a shower or bathtub and inside a shower. A bar by a toilet makes a big difference for getting up and down safely. The Department of Health has free grab bars. Just call 518.828.3358 for more information.

  2. A hand-held shower head solves many problems.

  3. A non-skid surface or mat in a tub or shower reduces risk of an accident.

  4. At the sink, replace two-handle faucets with single lever faucets.

Are you already a Proud Planner for Safe and Active Retirement?

Do you have other tips that make a difference in your life at home?

We would love to hear from you, login and Comment below!

* Source: Columbia County Office for the Aging publication, Elder Express.

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