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Updated: Aug 6, 2019


The Columbia County Office for the Aging ELDER EXPRESS July-September 2019 Edition

The best way to stay healthy is to live a healthy life style, eating well, exercising and not smoking. Medicare can help too. Medicare will pay for numerous servicesincluding exams, vaccinations, lab tests and screenings. In addition, Medicare will pay for counseling and education. Ask your doctor about the Medicare preventive services covered by Part B (medical insurance) listed below:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening

  • Alcohol misuse screenings & counseling

  • Bone mass measurements (bone density)

  • Cardiovascular disease screenings

  • Cardiovascular disease (behavioral therapy)

  • Cervical & vaginal cancer screening

  • Colorectal cancer screenings

¨ Multi target tool DNA tests

¨ Screening colonoscopies

¨ Screening fecal occult blood tests

¨ Screening flexible sigmoidoscopies

  • Depression screenings

  • Diabetes screenings

  • Diabetes self-management training

  • Glaucoma tests

  • Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection screening

  • Hepatitis C screening test

  • HIV screening

  • Lung cancer screening

  • Mammograms (screening)

  • Nutrition therapy services

  • Obesity screenings & counseling

  • One-time “Welcome to Medicare” preventative visit

  • Prostate cancer screenings

  • Sexually transmitted infections & counseling

  • Shots:

  • ¨ Flu shots

  • ¨ Hepatitis B shots

  • ¨ Pneumococcal shots

  • Tobacco use cessation counseling

  • Yearly “Wellness” visits”

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