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Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hudson Valley

Locally-Produced Podcast Drops its 100th Episode

By Kathy Fleig (Reprinted from IMBY 12/30/23)

This past Thursday marked a milestone for Jean Thomas, Tim Kennelty, Linda Aydlett, Annie Scibienski, and Teresa Golden as they released the 100th episode of the podcast “Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hudson Valley.” The team of volunteer podcasters graduated from the Master Gardner’s program at Cornell Coop Extension, Columbia Greene Counties, and in episodes of “Nature Calls” they share their passion for the natural world.

From left: Annie Scibienski, Jean Thomas, Linda Aydlett, Tim Kennelty in front, Teresa Golden is missing

Arborist and award- winning author of the four books Sprout Lands, Dirt, Oak, and Air, William (Bill) Bryant Logan, was the featured guest in the 100th episode. The topic is Oaks. Book authors are frequently expert guests on “Nature Calls.” Miriam Ruben, Kathryn J. Schneider, and Ellen Kalish, all published authors, have appeared in episodes. A recently recorded show featured guest Rebecca Polmeteer talking about nutrition and nutrition education. Most episodes run about twenty minutes.

“Nature Calls” has had over 16,500 downloads. Available statistics show that when new listeners listen to a recent episode, they almost invariably go back to hear older episodes. In August, “Chronogram Magazine” held an awards party and gave out Chronogrammies to celebrate the rich talent in the Hudson Valley. “Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hud- son Valley” placed 2nd in this year’s podcast category, which speaks not only to its popularity but to its quality as well.

The team proudly marks the landmark occasion of 100 episodes, and looks toward the future with verve. Episodes in the upcoming year will include past favorites such as “Hum of the Hive” and “The Veggie Patch,” and will also cover new topics such as lawn alternatives, culinary herbs, and the Hudson River estuary. “Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hudson Valley” can be found on many podcast platforms, and on CCE’s website: Find out more about The Mountain Eagle.

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