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Route 82 Clean Up A Success

On a bright and sunny May 7, a group of 13 volunteers known as the “Community Clean-Up Crew” gathered at the Taghkanic Town Hall at 10 a.m. to don bright orange vests and hardhats and pick up litter along a two-mile stretch of State Route 82. Most of the people headed out to fulfill this part of the mission, while a couple stayed behind at Town Hall to handle any late-comers and to bring out empty bags if needed.

By noontime nearly 20 bright orange trash-filled bags lined the road. This well-traveled highway through our town looks much better! Great job, Team! Thank you to everyone who participated!

This annual community event was started several years ago by our neighbors Jose and Diane Rodriguez, and the sign is in honor of Diane who passed away unexpectedly in 2022.

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