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Taghkanic Paver At Work with Five Towns Helping


It takes many hands to pave a road!

On the sunny morning of September 20, 2019 Taghkanic began paving Copake Lake Road, one of the roads scheduled for long-term repair in 2019. The cost to the Town was only for the asphalt to cover ~ 1 mile for a total of $50,784.

It was a major team effort over two and a half days. To keep the hot asphalt coming Taghkanic Highway Department was assisted by men and trucks from Livingston, Gallatin, Ancram and Hillsdale. Claverack had its water truck at the ready as well. In the same way that Taghkanic offers its paver to other towns as needed. This is the kind of multi-town sharing and coordination that makes paving possible for them all.

Here are a beginning and after shot.

What a need!

What a difference!

For those who love process and things mechanical, here is a video of the team at work.

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