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Broadband Update, June 30

As stated in last month’s report, all fiber has been placed throughout Taghkanic.  All areas have been spliced and tested but one with 80% completed and the rest scheduled by July 1st.  Other work is being completed on side roads off of County Route 27.  The scheduling of installs has begun on Taghkanic Churchtown Road, Post Hill Rd, and a section of County Route 27.   The completion of all splicing and testing is expected by the end of June.  Right now, Gtel is scheduling installs out about 3 weeks out (mid- to late-July).

As of June 19th:

· Fiber has been installed to 178 locations throughout Taghkanic.

· There are 10 installs scheduled between then and July 15th.

· There are 8 signups waiting to be scheduled; most are for buried drops.

· There are 21 unfulfilled interest forms. 

A few other updates:

· The buried conduit and cable placement on Sam Hill Rd (Berkshire Lake subdivision) has been placed.  At least 4 of the 6 residents there now have fiber connections; Gtel is working on buried drop issues for the other two.

· Gtel has made plans to repair the lawn in front of the Firehouse which had been damaged by its truck over the winter.

To understand how far we have come, I have just reviewed Gtel’s report from March 2018. At that time Gtel had built no fiber in Taghkanic. We have seen a lot of progress in the past two years.

Arthur McGuire

Taghkanic Broadband Committee

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I am one of the new happy users of gtel fiber. My installation was May 18. I want to thank the broadband committee for all your continuous work.. I really appreciate your dedication to this for Taghkanic. Thank you.



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