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GTel connects first house in Taghkanic

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

GTel has made the very first fiber connection in our town to a home on Taghkanic Road. Needless to say, the resident is delighted and in her own words “ecstatic” to finally have high-speed internet service. Additional neighbors are scheduled for connection as well.   

Residents may now frequently see GTel servicemen along our town roads as they continue to install new fiber lines on Route 82 and Old Route 82 as well as New Forge, Klein and Doodletown Roads. A fiber connection box has been installed on Route 82 near the firehouse and plans to initiate the second boring under the Taconic State Parkway at Post Hill Road should start within 3 weeks. As well, GTel has finally received application approval for additional funds from a Connect America ten-year grant to support service in rural areas.  

Our town is surely making progress to receive fiber optic broadband service. Keep a look-out for those service trucks in your neighborhood. It isn’t a mirage. It’s real.

Trucks on Taghkanic Rd.

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