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The New Year Looks Good for Broadband in Taghkanic

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

This current report from GTel representatives gives us an inside look at the progress GTel is making in its construction and installation of high-speed fiber in our town. GTel reports that of the 874 Taghkanic housing units awarded by state grants, 538 homes now have fiber on their roads. GTel estimates its capability to install service is about 80 houses per month. Right now, it is concentrating these resources in Gallatin where the fiber infrastructure has been completed. Later, Taghkanic will see more of these installations to homes.

GTel states that 36 miles of the planned 58 miles of fiber have been constructed in Taghkanic. Construction is complete on County ROUTE 27, County ROUTE 10 and County ROUTE 11 in the north of the town. Also fiber infrastructure work is now underway on Taghkanic-Churchtown Road. There have been licensing delays at Post Hill Road on the east side of the Taconic State Parkway and on Manor Rock Road but these delays are being resolved.

For those who live in the areas designated as Phase 1 and 2, fiber infrastructure is expected to finish by the end of April. GTel estimates that the last 121 houses of Phase 3 should have fiber on their roads by the end of May. Installation to houses in Taghkanic will ramp up once the Gallatin installations are largely complete.

Regarding New Forge: GTel has finished construction for New Forge Road I, but not New Forge Road II. Some make-ready work has been done on New Forge Road II but further construction requires licenses from National Grid and Verizon that GTel has not yet received. GTel sent emails on January 10, 2020 to a number of New Forge residents who had expressed interest in service, stating that drop cables allowing installation to the home were being installed and that the Sign-Up Phase should start in several weeks. Address discrepancies may have caused some of these emails to be sent prematurely to people living on New Forge Road II. However, GTel still plans to run fiber throughout the entire New Forge area.

After the fiber has been lit, it gets tested. Following positive results, the area shifts from Construction to the Sign-Up Phase. GTel will send a Sign-Up email to customers to make an appointment for Installation. Weather, of course, is a factor. If the ground is too frozen for trenching, some installations can still go forward with the fiber temporarily laid on the ground, to be buried after a thaw. This method may not be suitable for every site however.

The company reports that 31 customers are now fully operational with five more to be installed by the end of January.

In November, GTel doubled the speed it provides its customers at each price point. For example, those who signed up to 50 mbs will receive 100 and those who signed up to 100 mbs will receive 200. This is a substantial service improvement and marketing effort by the company for our new customers to enjoy.

The company currently has Expressions of Interest from 227 residents in Taghkanic. The Broadband Committee urges you to visit and register an Expression of Interest for Internet service. You can follow the links to find out the status of your area. You can also telephone Customer Service at 518-537-4835 to speak personally to a Representative about your situation. There is no obligation to sign up if you later change your mind.

Please do mention that you live in Taghkanic. Our Town has good friends at GTel.

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